Sunday, 30 June 2013

Being proud of your own parenting

This is an odd and slightly self indulgent post. Of course being the depressive I am I view any post not overly intended as a public service announcement as self indulgent.

I'm sitting at the table watching my son East grapes,  delicious almost pitch black grapes that my mother-in-law buys,  and almost crying.

I'm so pleased that he gets to eat such lovely food as a snack.  I'm proud, for once,  of myself.  I'm so relived and glad I can give my children this life,  where these things are commonplace and not completely out of reach. I want my children to grow up never hungry like I was, and although I want them to always appreciate how lucky they are to have such nice things,  I don't want them to ever feel guilty for having them.

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